Londons Landmarks and Monuments. St Pauls Studios, The Window Cleaner Statue and The Nose. Admiralty Arch.

 Landmarks and Monuments

St Paul’s Studios

Landmarks and Monuments

This page is about Landmarks and Monuments located around London.

St Paul’s  Studios Talgarth Road London W14 are  Grade 11 listed buildings Designed by Frederick Wheeler and were completed in 1891.

They are on the main road from Heathrow Airport to Central London.

The A4, just after the Hammersmith Flyover going east.

They consist of a basement which was used as the House Keepers Flat.

Ground Floor consists of three living rooms and the First floor is the Artists work area with a 20 foot ceiling.

I think they are worth about 2 Million Pounds today.

Please don’t quote me on that because they could be worth more.

Window Cleaner Statue.

Landmarks and MonumentsLandmarks and MonumentsLandmarks and Monuments

Go and find this statue, it’s one of London’s Landmarks and Monuments that you cannot afford to miss when your come to Central London.

Sculptor of a Window Cleaner by Allan Sly 1990. Near Edgware road Station, Chapel Street, London .

I don’t blame him scratching his head. Check out what task he has in front of him.

It’s a fantastic statue. Very life-like.

The Nose.

Admiralty Arch.

Landmarks and Monuments

The Lucky Nose.

Admiralty Arch was built in 1910 as part of the Queen Victoria memorial scheme. It has Three identical arches each with wrought iron gates.

The central arch gate is only opened on ceremonial occasions.

 Enter the arch eastbound towards Trafalgar Square.

 As you pass under the arch look up out of the driver’s side window and you will see the nose on the side of the wall.

The artist Rick Buckley placed it there as part of a campaign against  “The Big Brother Society ” in 1997

It was originally thought that it was placed there to celebrate the Duke of Wellington and was touched by Riders on Horseback for good luck.

 This is one of seven noses to be found in London.

It is said if you find all seven you will be given ultimate wealth

 I plan to find them all and post them on this site.

Which leads us to books for further reading…….