London Landmark. Statues of Queen Victoria, Da Vinci, and Columbus

London Landmark

Queen Victoria statue Queen Square.

Victoria Square is in the area of London called Victoria.

Victoria Square


This London Landmark is a statue of Queen Victoria at the start of her victorious reign. She was Queen from 1837 to 1901 and died at Osborne House East Cowes. Victoria was married to Albert Prince Consort 1840-1861. Queen Square is a Beautiful Square. It was laid out in 1839 and was designed by Matthew Wyatt. Thomas Campbell the Poet lived in number 8. There are seats in the square and its a very secluded place. You can’t believe how quite it is there although you are in central London.

London Landmark London Landmarklondon landmark London Landmark

Belgrave Square.SW1.

The Next London Landmark is Belgrave Square.

Belgrave Square gets its name from Belgrave, a village on the Northern outskirts of Leicester. Belgrave was once a small village where the owners of the land The Grosvenor family had an estate. The Earl of Grosvenor, later became the first Marquess of Westminster obtained an act in parliament to build the square.Thomas Qubitt was the builder. Building started in about 1826. The damp clay was dug from the ground and made into bricks on the site. Then the excavations were filled with soil from St Katherine’s Dock. The houses are mostly Embassy’s and offices now.

Leonardo Da Vinci Statue Belgrave Square.

London Landmark london landmark

Christopher Columbus Statue.

London Landmark

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