Hidden Sights in London.The Mall, Nelsons Fleet and the Nose, Admiralty Arch.

Hidden Sights in London.

This is one of the Hidden sights in London.

Nelson’s Fleet.

Hiddn sights in London.Nelsons fleet

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If you walk along The Mall you will see a Hidden sight in London.

If you look on top of each lamp post down The Mall you will see that each one has a small Galleon Ship known as Nelson’s Fleet.

It is said that each Galleon is different and named after each of Lord Nelson’s Fleet.

Lord Nelson is on his column in Trafalgar Square watching over his fleet.

Did you know they were there ?

The Mall.


The Mall is the stretch of red coloured road from the Queen Victoria Memorial to Admiralty arch.

It is exactly 0.5 miles long and has been  coloured red by using  synthetic iron oxide pigment. This is to give the effect of a long red carpet.

It was created in about 1660, It began as a field for playing Pall-Mall which is a game like Croquet. It had a double row of trees on both sides.

The street called Pall Mall is just to the north of The Mall and runs parallel to it. Pall Mall also ends in Trafalgar Square.

More Hidden Sights in London

The Nose.

Admiralty Arch.

Hiddensights in London. The nose Admiralty Arch

The Lucky Nose.

Admiralty Arch was built in 1910 as part of the Queen Victoria memorial scheme. It has Three identical arches each with wrought iron gates.

The central arch gate is only opened on ceremonial occasions.

 Enter the arch eastbound towards Trafalgar Square.

 As you pass under the arch look up out of the driver’s side window and you will see the nose on the side of the wall.

The artist Rick Buckley placed it there as part of a campaign against  “The Big Brother Society ” in 1997

It was originally thought that it was placed there to celebrate the Duke of Wellington and was touched by Riders on Horseback for good luck.

 This is one of seven noses to be found in London.

It is said if you find all seven you will be given ultimate wealth

 I plan to find them all and post them on this site.

The Malls character was altered in 1903-4 and the route was entirely new and didn’t open until 1911.

Admiralty Arch is to become a Hotel.

More Statues on The Mall

St James Park is on the south side.

Green Park with St James Palace is opposite.

The Royal Marine Statue is on the north side near Admiralty Arch and the Captain Cooke statue is opposite it on the south side.Hidden sights in London. The Royal MarinesHidden sights in London. Capt Cooke

On the south side of The Mall near St James Park is the Royal Artillery Boer War Statue.

.Hidden sights in London

The Duke of York Column is on the north side

Hidden sights in London. Duke of York

On the north side near to the west of The Mall is Marlborough Gate leading to Pall Mall.

Hidden sights in London. The Mall

On the North side there is a relatively new  Memorial and it can be found between the Mall and Carlton Gardens. This is the Memorial of  George V1 and Queen Elizabeth The Queen mother.

On the south side at the east end of The Mall is Horse Guards Road, Leading to Horse Guards Parade and Birdcage Walk.

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