London Landmarks.

London Landmarks

This site is for anyone interested in London Landmarks, which include Buildings, Statues, Monuments and really anything London.

I have a passion for London.

Employed as a  Fire Fighter for nearly thirty years I was protecting the people in London as well as the buildings. I attended fires all over London and attained the rank of Station Officer. I also investigated the origin and cause of over 300 fires as a Fire Investigator. At the end of my career I was inspecting night clubs while they were in full swing to ensure the premises were safe for people to escape if a fire was to occur.

In my spare time I was driving a London Taxi.

Now I have retired from the Fire service and now I drive my cab full-time. I have been driving around London now for over ten years and have seen some great London Landmarks which I will be talking about on this site.

This website will include the Landmarks I find and the landmarks I already know about, giving you a great insight to London Landmarks.

It will  be a comprehensive information hub for anyone visiting London wondering where to go and what to look for.

The information will include a picture,some history and a map showing where the Landmark is.

There will also be links for further reading or further information about the London landmarks.

 By following this site I hope you gain more knowledge about London and use this as a guide if you come here and decide to find them.

London is a beautiful city and I know I will enjoy building this site and  hope you enjoy the journey and look forward to any comments you may have.

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Big Ben. The Palace of Westminster.

The Mall

Nelson’s Fleet

Floating Puppet Theatre

Freddie Mercury’s Residence in London

Queens Square and Belgrave Square.

Queen Victoria Statue, Da Vinci Statue and Columbus Statue


St Paul’s Studios, The Window Cleaner Statue and the Nose, Admiralty Arch.

London Landmarks. St Pauls StudiosLondon Landmarks. The Window Cleaner Statue.

London Landmarks. The nose Admiralty Arch

The Tyburn Tree

Tyburn Tree

A link to books on London Landmarks